I'm offering the following online lessons and courses. If you have any question please contact santiagoleibson@gmail.com

For beginners, intermediate and advanced players that are interested in jazz improvisation, jazz harmony and rhythm. The lessons will focus on learning the jazz language thorugh excersices, transcription, analysis and listening.

Jazz Piano Lessons

I'm offering a 4-class course on Post-Tonal composers from the beginning of the 20th Century. Each lesson will focus on one composer and the tools and resources he uses to develop his own language. Concepts from the pitch set thoery, duodecaphonism, fee atonalism will be explained in order to understand the process behind the music.

Lesson 1: Bela Bartok

Lesson 2: Arnold Schoenberg

Lesson 3: Anton Webern

Lesson 4: Olivier Messiaen

Post-Tonal Music Course

The composition and analysis lessons will focus on studying the great composers from the classical and popular tradition and write our own composition based on particular concepts. 

Composition Lessons

It's a 4-class course for everyone interested in jazz and who's willing to get a better understanding of the possibilities and history of improvised music (musicians and not-musicians).

On each lesson we will focus on different concepts of the jazz tradition.

Lesson 1: The evolution of the piano trio

Lesson 2: Rhythm sections

Lesson 3: Jazz composers

Lesson 4: Solo playing

Jazz Listening Course